The 2005 Festival of Appropriation took place Saturday, July 30th, at the newly renovated Varsity Theater in Dinkytown (Minneapolis). Past and present members of Rosalux Gallery displayed their works of collage, assemblage and mixed media. Artists include John Alspach, Tara Costello, Jennifer Davis, John Diebel, Camille Gage, Lucy Grantz, Scott Neff, Jonathan Nelson, Kate Pabst, Matthew Plumstead, Amy Rice, Michael Sweere and Dave Whannel.

The Festival was sponsored in part by City Pages, Radio K and Some Assembly Required.

The event also featured live TURNTABLE performances by:
3Wisemen Present: DJ Nikoless w/Plain Ole Bill
Andrew Broder
Lori Barbero

The 2005 Festival of Appropriation took place at The Varsity Theater in Dinkytown (Minneapolis).

John Alspach
Tara Costello
Jennifer Davis
John Diebel
Camille Gage
Lucy Grantz
Scott Neff
Jonathan Nelson
Kate Pabst
Matthew Plumstead
Amy Rice
Michael Sweere

Dave Whannel


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